Thursday, May 19, 2011

Age for Netas

I have always been of the opinion that there should be age limit for our politicians just that there is age limit for employment. I believed that once a politician reaches a certain age [what ever that might be], he should retire. If required, play the role of an adviser for his party or ideology.

The opinion that I have maintained above has been challenged by a politician in my home state of Kerala,V S Achutanandan. At the age of 87, he still has energy in his walk and passion in his thoughts.

Am I wrong in saying that there should be age limit to be in Politics? What is your opinion?


Er. Abhijit Hemant Sane said...

The thought is good, but who would bell the cat ? The legislature it self drafts legislation, so it is unlikely that they would pass anything which goes against them

Balaji said...

I agree with you. It is really annoying to see some of our netas held by 3 people and holding major posts...