Thursday, September 29, 2011

Does India need more Banks?

Recently quite a bit of private corporations have started campaign for having their own bank. One of the big names being Reliance. RBI is planning to have quite a bit of rules and regulations involving these corporate houses.

I am not expert on economics of Banking. But I do wonder Does India need more banks? I am sure quite a few of will say a large population of our country doesn't have bank. and It is needed.

I can't help but wonder if these corporations will prefer to have their bank in cities or in villages. Personally I know where their preference will be.

If any of you have a better understanding, please do enlighten me.


CHINDANS said...

Yes! Atleast one branch of SILICON VALLEY BANK

My name iz buishazan said...

Hi there,
i have the same problem as you..but i think my place is lack of shelter or places to stay for the tourist. Honestly speaking, bank is an important building and institutions to boost up the economy of the country...

Balaji said...

@My name iz buishazan >> I also think that all places in a country should have banks irrespective of weather it is a village or a town... I do not think though that private banks are in it to bridge that gap.