Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I am late for my blogging again. My apologies. I had quite a movie weekend this time around. I ended up watching a movie on saturday and another on sunday in a theatre.

I watched the movie 'Casanova' on Sunday. This movie is about the legendary casanova (don't know whether he is true or not) and his ability to seduce any woman he wants. He is the legendary lover in Venice. His idea of love is no commitment, in modern day language 'One Night Stand'. He meets a knowledgeble lady named Francesca Bruni and falls in love. She does the unthinkable, as far as he is concerned anyways, i.e. to reject him. The whole movie is about how casanova is trying to woo her and in the process finds true love.

The whole movie is set in Venice. I was fortunate to travel to Venice during the new year and the movie bought a whole load of memories to me. I could see many of the streets where i had travelled in the movie and absolutely loved it. Is the movie any good? I would definitely say it is worth a watch. The characters are well portrayed. There are scenes in which you feel that the humor is forced, but what the heck, you never are going to see a perfect movie anyway.

Seina Miller who portrays 'Francesca Bruni' is very charming and beautiful and no wonder Casanova falls head on heels in love with her. :-). I would

I would definitely recommed this movie. Enjoy.

In my next blog, i will write my views on the next movie i saw 'The Constant Gardner'.


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