Thursday, February 23, 2006

The gig

Awesome, Amazing experience....watching good acts performing personalised music is really a charm.

First things first, I had an awful day at work on wednesday. But as the evening started, the sheer anticipation of the gig made me smile and the trip to London was worth it. There were 3 acts on stage. The first one was O.K. The second was good. And finally Scritti Pollitti was awesome. I had a wonderful musical experience and the things on work took the back seat and music filled my mind.

All in all a good experience and something worth cherishing. Hopefully i will put the snap of scritti pollitti live later in the blog for all to see. :-)

It was a small venue inside a pub called Windmill in London. Somewhere around 100 people were there in the gig and everyone had a good experience.

Finally, a very cute video. I have uploaded in Please download it and view the same. Last Date (01/03/05). Trust me, this video is really good and you will not regret viewing it. Let me know your comments on the same.

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