Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Scritti Politi

Tommorrow evening is going to be really very interesting for me. I am going to London to see a gig by a band named Scritti Polity. I have never really heard then in any form. My colleague/friend Jon loves band and he asked me if i am interested. And i thought why not, this will also give me an opportunity to see a live gig. fortunately this does not cost a lot and this is a good chance for me to hear live music. I am sure i am going to have a great time out there in London.

I know this is late notice, if any one of you are interested in getting the ticket for the gig, you can still buy the tickets (31 left as per website). Check out this link, SCRITTI POLITY. Apparently they now go by the psedo name DOUBLE G & THE TRAITOROUS 3 (Hackney) as per my friend. Let me know if any one will be coming over by putting in a comment.


Craig said...

how was the gig??

Balaji said...

The gig is today, Wednesday evening....will tell you tommorrow.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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