Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Any thoughts on my problem

There has been many experiences in my small life where in I have had the inclination to give attention and respect to someone else (male/female) and i have felt that the other person is not aware (or) does not share the same amount of attention and respect back to me. This situation has always made me wonder about what should I be doing. Should I start ignoring the concerned person and withdraw myself to my own cocoon (or) continue showering the same amount of attention.
If i start ignoring the concerned person, am i deceiving myself by leaving the pleasures that i am getting out of his/her company. Is this the right thing to do (or) shower the same attention & respect knowing very well that it may not be reciprocated? It is a dillemma i face many a times and i really don't know how to respond or grow in this type of situation.

I end up learing the harder way i.e. get hurt emotionally. Thankfully, i am a type of person who is jolly enough to rebound whatever be the adverse situations. That does help. But i have noticed that once you grow older your patience starts to wear thin and the rebounding power also diminishes, leaving you scarred for absolutely nothing important. funny ain't it?


Barani said...

hey dude,

Dunno who has hurt you .. But time is the healer. Take it from me. Just do not react to the situation, keep your end of affection still intact .. things will take care of themselves..

Also try to fit yourselves in the other person's shoes and think why he/she is behaving that way. you will get a lot insights. 9 out of 10 times, it will be some miscommunication that would be the root cause.
Once you discover the cause, try to talk it out with that person ., it defly helps.

pesalaam appuram .


Sriram said...


Chanceilla po!! Semma funda!

Mami.., see how experience can make a person so very wise! ( jus kidding)


Saikat Gomes said...

I went thru your blog – and seriously Balaji, while reading thru it I hit across the path that I had traversed some time back – bringing up fond memories of the past – our dreams, anguishes, thoughts and desires – probably I don’t have enough knowledge of the English language to describe what exactly went thru me while reading your thoughts – but one thing which I very strongly felt was to be in Chennai on a hot summer afternoon having potato-bhhajji fries on the road-side near Ambattur with the traditional coconut chatni! Man – whew! I am bowled over that blog.

Balaji said...

Thanks Barani for your advice. I really think that it is good. Also lovely to see you back in form Gomes. Good to see your post and also great to know that you liked it. I do remember our conversations and also the potato bhajji's we shared. Keep reading my blog and keep adding comments.

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