Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Constant Gardner

Last sunday i saw the movie The Constant Gardner at Hollywood Cinemas with a friend of mine. I really cherished the movie as it was beautifully made with a good story line.

This movie is based on a book written by John Le Carre with the cast of Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz. Both of the main cast have performed an outstanding role in the movie. Ralph Fiennes plays a british diplomat named Justin Quayle and Rachel Weisz plays his wife Tessa. Tessa is a fiery individual and she hates the War on Iraq. They meet each other in a confrontational mode where in she questions the war on Iraq supported by the British government. Justin is a quiet diplomat who lives in own world, enjoys gardening and not really willing to express his own opinion. The opposite poles attract each other and they fall in love and get married. Justin gets send to Kenya. Tessa being a fiery individual starts some work on her own that she keeps a secret from Justin. And she gets killed for her work. This transforms the quite gardner into a person with steely resolve to find out her work and bring her work to the end. This movie is based on big pharma companies who exploit the african people to conduct experiments on them treating them as gunea pigs.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. This is not a movie for people who wants fun and laughter. This is a grim movie and the grimness is maintained till the end of the movie. This movie will bring a whole load of emotions to you. It will bring you some laughter, will pale you with the injustice and make you angry at your own helplessness. This movie will make you wonder if a difference exists between human and animals. A though provoking movie and i would advice everyone to see this movie. Definitely i rate this movie to one of the best i have seen so far.

I heard that this movie has been nominated for 4 Oscars. So enjoy watching it.


Srinidhi said...

Well, frankly, i detest thought-provoking movies. We drive all the way, pay 10 dollars and spend 3 hrs on a movie, not because we dont have enough to "think"... we would be neck-deep involved in problems of life and work all thru the week and we go for a movie to forget all the crap and spend some lighter moments. If that purpose is not served and we come out of the theatre gloomier than how we entered, there is no better way to spoil the weekend. If the purpose of the director is to "drive-home-a-point", there are other media- magazines, newspapers, etc., meant for that. critics welcome.

Balaji said...

well you have your opinion nidhi. Sometimes we just need to think of something more than our life, our problem and stuff that happens in and around you. that definitely helps.

Craig said...

its a great film!

I think its interesting that it takes films and singers to get us to think about global issues.

Balaji said...

I am glad that you have seen the movie and liked it craig. In all fairness, i am not surprised at all from your response. :-)