Thursday, March 30, 2006

Google Earth is a security threat

This is the headline that is striking today in news channels across India. Read the story here

Apparently Google earth has access to Images of various high security infrastructure in India. This news does not amaze me to say the least. The only thing that amazes me is why is google being targeted. The thing to notice is Google has not taken these images. These images have been taken by some other source whom google has paid to produce the images for anyone who wishes to see the same. this simply means that any person/organisation/country who has the power, the initiative and the willingness to pay can get these images from anyone. It is a known secret that various countries use snooper satellites to spy on other countries...and i am sure this involves super powers like USA, Russia, china etc.

I feel the only thing that agonises the so called experts is the fact that these images can accessed by any one in the public domain. But why should it be hurting them. Who in the normal public is going to bomb all these security infrasturcture anyway. if any one wants to wish India any harm, they definitely will have the money that can provide them these pictures. What is stopping them from buying it? I am sure many of them already have these pictures/images to more detail.

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