Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shopping in 'The perfume shop'

Today i went to buy perfumes to take home. Since i am no expert in this i asked 2 of of my mates to help me out and we set forth to The Perfume Shop in Norwich. There was a huge range of perfumes in the show emitting various fragrances. Suddenly i start think where i have i smelt that before etc etc.

I have to admit one thing. I am useless in perfumes, in a broader sense i am useless in shopping. And i felt like a small kid roaming in a strip club. After some expert opinion (???) from mates we decided on some perfumes that i planning to gift my cousin sis who is going to get married and also for my father. Poison (not real poison, that is a brand name) for the bride and Juup (sorry mate, i have no idea what this means, beyond comprehension) for my father. Hope they like it. They are damn expensive. No wonder.