Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Harry Potter explained, by Indian sisters

I have told in one of my previous blogs about my liking for Harry Potter and thankfully i am not the only nut. There are numerous people both young and old who have enjoyed reading Harry Potter. These two kids have put up so much research to unravel the mystery of the charecters in potter book and to explain them to a layman. Read on

To those people who have not yet read Harry Potter, you guys really don't know what you are missing out on.

Shopping for my travel

I am really a very bad shopping person. I really don't think a lot before buying presents and a very bad shopper. For a gucci bag will serve the same purpose as a bag i am buying from the market. And now i am struggling. I am going back to India during April and i need to get presents and a whole load of other stuff for my family members. I have successfully postponed all these purchases till now. Now it is D-day and i don't have time to complete. Just the way i am. struggling at the last moment. Trying to justify my numerous excuses for not doing shopping till now :-)

Anyways....i need to go to woolworths, pick up a simple 256 mb mp3 player for my brother, need to buy a digital camera, a simple one, for my home, take hard copies of photographs taken in Spain and Italy etc etc........long list. won't bother putting all these stuff in the blog.

All the perils of putting work to the last moment.

Commonwealth games to be held in Delhi

The commonwealth games is going to be held in Delhi during 2010. It is really a good news because i feel that any sporting event brings new stuff to the city in which it is going to be held and prospers the nation.

So what did India do during this superb occasion - Bollywood routine as a part of the closing ceremony in Melbourne. Isn't this really stupid. Does India do not have anything else to represent themselves rather than so dumb heroines dancing on to some movie tunes. This is really sad. It also portrays the natural obsession that Indians have for movies. I personally feel that this image that we create for ourselves in itself is really bad. BBC report.


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