Saturday, September 23, 2006

Little Woman

Yesterday I saw the movie Little Woman. It is about a family living post civil war in the US in 1860's. I loved the movie. It was a real refreshing experience to watch a genuine movie depicting some superb situations, love between 4 sisters, relationship between them and their mother and relationships between their family and their neighbours. Do read the review in the IMDB database by clicking the above link.

Susan Sarondon has done an impressive work in this movie.

It is based on a novel written by Louisa May Alcott.

I definitely recommend Little Woman for anyone who loves English literature and watch dramas based on these books.

A real refreshing experience.


Publia said...

You might enjoy the book, too! Here is he link where all the chapers are.

(It's Little Women by the way, plural. The little women were the sisters.)

The elephant was hilarious! I loved that and also sent the link to some friends who speak Korean. But I sure didn't understand the video about the singing.

Publia said...

Here is the link for the free, online version of Little Women:

Balaji said...

Thanks for the link and for the correction.