Saturday, October 14, 2006

I am not able to forgive myself

I am not able to forgive myself. I have been highly irresponsible. I had some stuff from the Library and did not take steps to ensure that it is returned on time. I got reminders via email to return them. I ignored it and today I paid a very heavy fine. I am disgusted at being so irresponsible. Very much angry at myself right now.


Publia said...

Are you sure you aren't mad at wasting all that money in fines? Join the club; sometimes it seems that buying a book could be cheaper.

Usha said...

I know sometimes we can't forgive ourselves for some very silly thing we did. But tell you what you will never repeat it.So it is worth being annoyed this time.

Balaji said...

@Usha >> I sure hope that it doesn't happen again. It is very annoying...Even now I am not able to forgive myself for that.