Saturday, October 14, 2006

Is BA being sensible?

A new row on the basis of religion (as if there is a scarcity of the same).

I read this report in the BBC that BA(British Airways, for the uninitiated) has asked a Christian member of staff to conceal her cross necklace because it contravenes the company's uniform policy. BA makes an exception for Sikh turbans and Muslim hijabs because they cannot be covered up.

I really think that this is really absurd. Why should one not display a symbol relating to her religion if that does not hurt the sensibilities of others? Is this weird?

Do read the BBC report and form your opinion and do let me know of the same.


Publia said...

Here in the US it's not considered professional to wear crosses or Jewish stars of David when working with the general public, as someone might be offended. That is probably why veils and turbans aren't popular among our citizens, either. This applies only at work, however.

Balaji said...

If I am not wrong, you can wear anything you want, as long as you don't insult anyone on the basis of their religion.