Saturday, November 04, 2006

Does media affect justice?

I had previously written a post commending Ram Jeth Malani on his various points discussed by him in an interview with CNN IBN.

Now presenting the other side of the coin >>> Watch People's verdict on whether media is necessary to bring justice in our country

An astounding 97% says Yes.

It has been seen time after time in India that the rich and influencial can get away with any crime committed by using their influence. The fodder scam in which the Railway Minister Mr. L.P. Yadav is a good example. I am sure it is a general consenses amongst the public that no result will be obtained in this case for still some years to come. By the time there will be no evidence, no witnesses, change in judge, the accused not being present in court, the investigative agencies asking for more time etc etc. Every straw that can be used to delay the justice will be used.

It is unfortunate, but this is how the justice system works in India. And may be pressure from Media and the general public is consistently needed to ensure that Justice is done. 11 years, it has taken for justice to be given and that too after the pressure. If there has been no pressure absolutely nothing would have been done about it for more years.

Food for thought?

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