Sunday, November 19, 2006

An Indian's bachelor's marriage problem - Part 1

Rule No 1: Learn to Run in a Sticky Situation

First of all I never though I will have to write on this. Don't even dare giggle/smile/laugh/smirk/sympathise etc etc when you read this.

For an average Indian male bachelor reaching the magical age of 25 is one heck of a problem. And by some unfortunate events you are still unmarried, do not have any love life, lead life as it leads you then not only God can help you from your ever concerned parents.

One fine day when you are eating and everything is quiet, then you know something is wrong and the conversation starts something like this. This will start when you have been served food and have no chance of escaping. so you are in between food and you can get up and go away.

Amma (Mother) : Yesterday Appa (Father) was talking with Anand Mama (you have no idea of who this chap is) was talking about Sreedhar, one who is working in Infosys, he is having a love marriage...Some one named Julie...she is a christian (well the name tells, Me thinks and is wondering where this is going on) and is going to get married soon. His parents are not ready to accept this marriage. So he is going to get married against his parents wishes (it is a sin if you don't have your parents blessings. Guaranteed to rot in hell)....By the way Do you also have any liking for a different girl (Scene is important...Your mom is not looking at you...But you can bet your life that she is only looking at you and what you are thinking....My father is now looking at my face...Now I am like a rat trapped in the cage. Can only make noise. no escape....)

Me : Mmmm....Ille...Nothing like that...(I avoid...Big mistake....Now she is sure that I am loving some bitch who wants to take me away from her)

Amma : Hey, if you have any such plans....let us know...that is the least that you can do...(she insists)

Though her tone is fine, I know that she is now apprehensive that you have searched someone without letting them know...It is my turn...Now I spend the next 5 mins explaining that that is not the case....I am really busy with my work which is true and do not have time to have relationships...another truth....5 mins turn to 10 and this goes on for another 30 mins....Thankfully I finish my food...get up...wash my hands and ..........Suddenly I remember my promise to meet up with my friend....escape

Moral : Learn to run when in a sticky situation....



Barani said...

Really funny , and Man It is so true.. I have a recent incident to share with you on the same lines.
Would tell you when we talk ,


Vin said...

ha ha .. I can understand.. my mom does this to my bro... so best solution is ask them to find a girl for you.. they will be convinced that u don't ahve any girl in ur life.. :-))

Balaji said...

@barani >> :)

@vin >> I perfectly emphathise with your bro...This is one torture that we all have to dutifully endure...and it is not funny :)