Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cricket important that Sex?

A survey by men's magazine ZOO has revealed that Australian men have pledged their willingness to abstain from sex in return for their cricketers reclaiming the Ashes from England.

Confirming that there are few things in life more dear to Australians than sport, a survey found that 41 per cent would forgo for a month the pleasures of the bedroom in return for victory.

Who said Sport is for fun?

PS: Another good example by which the media can sensationalize any issue. :)

Courtesy : Telegraph UK


Baranidaran said...

It really makes me wonder if there is a restraint to media's creativity when it comes to going for a survey or an Opinion poll.

But then this gives me an Idea, what if we conduct the same survey and may be challenge people in India on the same lines.

Even if 10% of Indians are ready to refrain from pleasures of the Bedroom in India wins the Cricket world cup, that would be most effective Population explosion control measure ever adopted. What say ;)

Balaji said...

:) ha ha

tpraja said...

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