Thursday, December 28, 2006

House of flying daggers : Beauty dance

I absolutely love this song from the movie House of flying daggers, and the main reason why I went to this movie was to see Zhang Zi Yi. I really do find her very attractive.

The tune of the song is absolutely brilliant and the song has been sung by Zhang Zi Yi herself. Enjoy.

Chinese lyrics of the song:

Běifāng yǒu jiārén, juéshì ér dúlì.
Yí gù qīng rén chéng, zài gù qīng rén guó.
Nìng bù zhī qīng chéng yǔ qīng guó.
Jiārén nán zài dé.

Meaning of the song:

In the North there's a lady, stunning and singular.
One look confounds a city; a second look dooms an empire.
Rather not wishing to know, the ruination that may follow.
Rare beauty is here and now.

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Anonymous said...

I love dat song aswell. I think she has a good voice