Thursday, December 14, 2006

India v/s SA First test

Tomorrow the test series starts. After the classic SA drubbing, Will our guys stand up to the Andre Nel + Greame Smith bullies.

Andre Nel is absolute classic as far as I am concerned. He is the typical bully that you see the school fighting over a lollipop. I really want us guys to whack the holy sh&& out of him. But this is only my hope. I really don't see this as a reality though. :) much for my optimism.

Time will tell.


Geoff,Deb's and Jon said...

Got to be happy with the way the game is going Bala !! Bowled them out for 84! Even makes me feel a bit better being a England fan.

Balaji said...

I am really surprised mate...But I have to admit it does make it very happy. But can we convert the advantage to victory. only time will tell.