Saturday, April 21, 2007

Online streaming of content

Yesterday BBC reported that it is going to put up a huge lot of its content online on a trial basis in the UK for some 10,000 odd users for their viewing.

I really think it is a fantastic idea on the part of BBC to do that...I for one have especially enjoyed a lot of content produced by BBC. And if i get to see some of the golden oldies, that is absolutely fantastic.

I know it is going to suck up some money from BBC to do such a thing, But on a longer run it is going to pay dividends to BBC. I really thing all the media companies such seriously think about this. In this competitive world where the options for customers are quite large, everyone needs to come up with something that is innovative and challenging...

Internet should truly be used to share information...both in the terms of print content as well as media content.

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