Sunday, April 01, 2007

Too much uncertanity

I am going through a period of high uncertainty...tough is very tough..The toughest part is I really don't know what to be uncertain about....and it sucks...


Anonymous said...

I hope that this period in ur life doesnt last for long and u find ur answers.

Balaji said...

@anonymous >> Hey...thank you very much for your wish

Jon said...

I used to be uncertain, I think, but now I'm not so sure.... ;-)


Pooja Taskar said...

I think I have gone thru the same phase on more than one occasion.. and I too believe... i hope it doesn't last long.
Read the books by Stephan Covey who says there are 3 constant things in life:
A) Change
B) Your Values/Morals
C) Your Choices

Amazingly true !!!