Friday, June 22, 2007

Is Google Earth danger to security?

Anybody who has used Google Earth knows what you can do with it. It provides you with street to street imagery of a number of countries and cities around the world. I should admit I find it really kool to watch the bird's eye view of my city.

Recently there have been quite a lot of concerns raised in the name of security? A lot of secure places can be seen from these images on google earth and a lot of hue and cry is being made on the matter of security?

First of all my disclaimer >> I am not a expert of security. But what i would like to emphasise is, If a commercial organization can get these images for a price, will a rival govt not procure these images and have already known about these "secure" installations?

The only different thing is instead of the data being available to a few select individuals or organizations, now it is available to everybody. Is that wrong?


Rodrigo said...

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Balaji said...

@rodrigo >> I am sorry. I am not able to understand what language your comment is written in....