Friday, June 22, 2007

This is what I love about Google

This is in the front page of blogger after I have logged in.

"The Windows Live Writer team has released Beta 2 of their software, which adds labels support along with the proverbial host of other features. Developer and friend of Blogger Joe Cheng covers the highlights and lowlights on his blog, and you can grab the beta for Windows Vista and XP over at the download page."

Well, How many times have you heard Microsoft mentioning about the use of google products openly?

Do I need to explain more?


Joe Cheng [MSFT] said...

How about, numerous times on the Windows Live Writer blog over the past 10 months? :)

Balaji said...

@Joe >> :)

if Microsoft has done this, then my congrats. Me for one like to see cross references in the web world by big companies leaving their inter competition apart. I think web means inter communication and that should be happening without any constraint