Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do we really need "The Hindu"?

I am not going to give reasons or analysis out here. But I feel that "The Hindu" is really one of the worst news papers that is available in Chennai...

The only other options in Chennai being "Chennai Chronicle" (MMMM..not good enough) and "Indian Express" (I like this newspaper...but their paper quality leaves a lot to be desired"

I for one would like to see "Times of India" (or) "Hindustan Times" in Chennai. I know they are not may be super news papers. But we really need some variety in what we read. isn't it?

Note: I have been reading "Hindu" from quite a young age... The only thing that I find interesting to read in "Hindu" is sports and may be that is the only reason I buy the news paper.


Anonymous said...


If I remember correctly, u were a staunch Hindu supporter. Especially the editorial pieces are very good Hindu - right ? Trust me, TOI is really a pathetic newpaper. Express is good.


Balaji said...

@Ganesh >> :). Yes I know I am still a Hindu supporter. But the editorial pieces that come up is really bad. Some of the comments that get thrown out into it because of political compulsions does not go down well with me. I mean you need a neutral news paper right, which to an extend Hindu was before. Now,I am not really sure...

hence this feeling. I reckon competition will do good to the news paper. It has a sort of hagemony here which is not at all good.