Friday, October 12, 2007

Aussies Cricketers - The cherubic angels of cricket

I did not say that...Some idiot named Peter Lalor has this opinion that he has voiced in "The Australian". Please click on this link to read it.,25197,22559841-5001505,00.html

Some of my favorite quotes

"IF Andrew Symonds wasn't such a gentle fellow, India's Shanthakumaran Sreesanth's nose would probably be plastered all over his leering face. The Hindu and occasionally Christian bowler can thank all his gods that the secular Queenslander is a man of peace and tranquility."

"The provocative Indian paceman, who was dropped for the game, approached the batsman and, according to observers, clapped in his face. Symonds appeared to give Sreesanth a spray in return.

The words could not be heard but perhaps the Australian pointed out that the Indians were on their way to their first win of the series without the help of the bowler.

Symonds then waved him away with the bat. It is a mark of the big man's control he didn't beat him with it. "

"The Australians aren't angels when it comes to verbal confrontations but, on the whole, have been the more passive party in the ugly physical clashes that look so bad on camera and which Sreesanth seems so fond of."

Finally for the best one...This from an aussie is remarkable.

"If he (Indian captain Dhoni) thinks Sreesanth's actions as a non-player were within "limitations", this series could quickly descend into an ugly spectacle."

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