Friday, October 12, 2007

Aussies taking the moral High ground - What a laugh?

I have to admit we have been playing real bad against the aussies in the one dayers. But one thing that is standing out is the "minor" sledging that is going on on and off the game.

It is generally the Aussies who are known for this. When the Indians are doing their bit (I am not a fan of sledging) they are acting like a kid whose toffee has been taken by a bully. What else can you think when Ponting is commenting in press to Sreeshanth --> "He is doing it for a response, but when our guys get our backs up, that is when our best cricket comes out. We have got a few months of cricket coming up against (them). If he gets picked he will be a big part of that," ... It is sad isn't it... Got an advice for you Ponting --- You wanna rib Sreeshanth. Rib him...But don't put up comments and all in paper. That is plain disgusting. He is someone who feeds of your aggression. The more you taunt the more he will be a liability to you guys. Best of Luck...

It is quite funny...Do the aussies realise that they were like this some time back? They acted in the same horrendous manner day in and day out. And ask them anything get a dumb, moronic response ---> This is the aussie way of playing cricket. We like to play it hard (???)... What is hard dimwits? Swearing like an over drunk pathetic loser during the course of the game?

Anyways...We are down 1-3 with 2 games to go...let us see what our team is made of?

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