Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is this way you get treated in Malaysia?

See these pictures of Malaysian Indian being treated by the police for
raising a silent protest against the treatment meted out to them.

It is shocking. And the tough part is India does not act tough. I do
understand that the people out there who are suffering aren't Indians
and are Malaysians but they definitely are of Indian origin who still
have a lot of connections to india by means of relatives, property and

It always annoys me when countries like Malaysia dictate terms to us
and we don't act tough. I do not mean that in a negative manner and
meddle with what ever happens there. But when we say something it
needs to be listened to...We do not command that power or respect,
which as an Indian is disappointing.

I really do not know what our foreign policy machinery is doing. I can
sort of vaguely remember Malaysian courts dismissing valid Indian
claims on several cases and we not doing anything about it.

It is pathetic that we are hoping to get a permanent seat in U.N. with
these state of affairs.

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