Sunday, January 06, 2008

Appeal to Australian cricket fans

My dear aussie cricket fans,

This is an earnest appeal. I do not particularly like your team. But I always thought that you guys played well and played good. But now I do not have respect for your team. How can you look at a bunch of cheats with pride?

Question for you guys to ponder.

Mr. Clarke, the latest cheat, is supposed to your next captain? Do you really want a cheat to be your captain?

But I am sure mates, you guys are not going to be on the top for long. That is for sure.


Bradley said...

Cheat? Clarkey is a cheater because he ripped your tail end apart in an over?

Regardless of your comments I hope you enjoy the last day tomorrow as it will be a cracker, will it be a repeat of the England test there last year?

Balaji said...

no mate. he is not a cheat because he bowled a beautiful over.

Is he sure that he caught the catch properly?

Why can't he just go when it is so obvious that he nicked the ball?