Tuesday, January 08, 2008

WTF Quote of the day

This section is fully dedicated to Ponting's WTF's

"There is absolutely no place for racism in sport or in society generally and I fully support the International Cricket Council's anti-racism policy. All our players are very aware of their responsibility"

"I had nothing to gain personally from taking this action. I was doing the right thing by the game"

"Under Steve's captaincy we signed a collective pledge to uphold and enhance that spirit. And since I took over from him, I have taken it on myself to personally ensure that each new member of the team is fully aware of his responsibilities to the game"

"Everyone in the Australian team knows how important the 'Spirit of Cricket' is to the way we play the game. Anyone who knows me and the way I play will be aware I do not make a point of running to umpires and making complaints"

Ha Ha...Ponting...You do really make me laugh, you cry baby

Yes Ponting...I believe you...you did not ground the ball....

PS: I thank Amit for the title. He is the one who regularly writes them and I borrowed it for this occasion.

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