Friday, July 11, 2008

A line from the book "The World is Flat"

I really found this funny!!!

"In short,India is a country with virtually no natural resources that got very good at doing one thing - mining the brains of its own people by educating a relatively large size of its elite in the sciences, engineering and medicine."

That hurt!!!


Barani said...

Some Americans think that GAS or Petrol is equivalent to Natural resources.
They are not be blamed for this:)

Balaji said...

@barani >> That is a new perspective da. I never realised till you put it as a comment. Darn!! Cultural differences

CV Arun said...

Even i agree with Barani da. Even on educational resources what matters to them are research works and Phds. Remember Ramanujum,People couldn't believe a guy can solve problem without process or documentation.