Monday, December 18, 2006

India first ever test win in SA

Regular readers of my blog would have noticed my rant and my doubts about what will happen to India during our present test series.

And wonders of wonders, We have won the test and in quite a convincing fashion. Wonderful. I am also happy that Mr. Nel got some of the stuff that he dishes out quite often. The truth is he really can't take what he gives.

Hats of to Sreesanth for performing so well with his bowling. He also indulged in a bit of break dance on field.

Do watch it here


Barani said...

Sreesanth !!! Man !! He rocks !! I luvd the enthu and consistency with which he bowled through out the match. Never seen an Indian fast bowler stick to his line so much.
I will over react and say that say that the Good days are back, But then Sree showed a wonderful temperament and proved that if we put in our heart and soul into the game victory will come automatically.

Guys like Nel deserve some treatment. Nel needs to make his bowling do the talking. It was such a pleasure to watch him getting a taste if his own medicine. Hope Tendu wakes up from his slumber and teaches Nel a lesson or two.

Guys in kerala , Its time the state starts taking cricket seriously... It has someone to look up to now. Most Mallus are naturally atheletic and it will help them adopt any sport with ease..

Positives from the game..other than Sreesanth

Kumble.. He gets better with age..

Good to see Laxman and Gang trying to get to their old touch.. Hope our star batsmen derive some inspiration from this game and pile up a big score the next game.

Pathan can replace one of our openers. May be Jaafar. Jaafar needs to play some English county cricket I guess. Just that nothing is clicking for this guy. He defly has a godo technique but seems very low on confidence.

Sehwag . he just has his attitude to be blamed. he showed some glimpses of form in 2nd innings.. hope he continues from there.

I watched the game till 5.00 am in the morning and it is worth it. Nothing like watching India win..

Balaji said...

"Nothing like watching India win" --> I agree

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